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Special Interest Group on Services Computing (SIG-SC)

Munindar P. Singh

Services Computing currently shapes the thinking of business modeling, business consulting, solution creation, service delivery, and software architecture design, development and deployment. The global nature of Services Computing leads to many opportunities and challenges and creates a new networked economic structure for supporting different business models.

The Special Interest Group on Services Computing (SIG-SC) provides a platform for the group members to exchange information, conduct professional collaborations, and promote research and application innovations around the world in the field of Services Computing. The technical scope of the SIG-SC includes but not limited to the whole lifecycle of innovation which includes enterprise modeling, business consulting, solution creation, services delivery, services orchestration, services optimization, services management, services marketing, services delivery and cloud computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA), business process integration and management, as well as enabling technologies and standards.

The SIG-SC promotes creative thinking, long-term visions, and innovative methodologies to respond to the emerging Services Computing technologies. The supporting conference is the International Conference on Services Computing (SCC,


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