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Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (SIG-AI)

Munindar P. Singh

AI and Mobile Services have been driving Internet innovations and transforming traditional businesses since iOS, Andriod, Windows Phone, and other mobile operating systems were introduced. AI as a service will greatly reshape current technologies.

The Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (SIG-AI) concentrates on exploring different aspects of Artificial Intelligence from technologies to approaches and algorithms. As a pervasive AI service delivery mechanism, mobile services will be covered from business management to computing systems, algorithms, and applications. SIG-AI also promotes technological innovations in research and development of AI and mobile services, including, but not limited to, wireless & sensor networks, mobile & wearable computing, mobile enterprise & eCommerce, ubiquitous collaborative & social services, machine-to-machine & Internet-of-things clouds, cyber-physical integration, big data analytics for mobility-enabled services, and AI & machine learning theory, algorithms & applications. SIG-AI provides a platform for the group members to exchange information, conduct professional collaborations, and promote research and application innovations around the world in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The SIG-AI promotes creative thinking, long-term visions, and innovative methodologies to respond to the emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies. The supporting conference is the International Conference on AI and Mobile Services (AIMS,


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